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Muggenwech! is available under the name "Bug Viper" in not German speaking countries. It is available in many gas stations, in the automotive aftermarket 
as well as in stores for camping and aviation. Online and in "real life".

You want to sell "Bug Viper/Muggenwech!" as well? We will find conditions and a starting quantity acceptable for you also. For any size of business.

Bug Viper! is equipped with an EAN barcode and comes with a free card board sales display (containing 15 pieces) that you can put on the counter next to your cash register. That's the place where Bug Viper! should definately beLateron you simply only order refills.  

In case you want to hang Bug Viper! somewhere beside your dusty windshield wipers (bad idea) there is a Euro-standard hole in the bag also.


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